Functionality + Aesthetics

Interior Design

When you’re ready to undergo a design and build, Donovan + Donovan is dedicated to delivering a desirable client experience every step of the way. Offering architectural interior design services, we’ll ensure your space isn’t just functional but aesthetically pleasing as well.

While Donovan + Donvan is centered in Vincennes, IN, team members are licensed to provide work across state lines and the Midwest.

Additional Capabilities

Interior design services for a church | Donovan + Donovan
Interior design layout for an office building by Donovan + Donovan
Bar and restaurant interior design | Donovan + Donovan
Structural design for stairwell | Donovan + Donovan

Bringing Your Space to Life

Your structure’s exterior needs to stand strong and deliver an impression, but your interior is just as important. The inside of your space is where people congregate — we want to ensure the environment is welcoming and every aspect serves a purpose.

As architects, we offer a specialized approach to create harmony between your architectural and interior design. Since no two clients and no two projects are alike, we ensure every design is unique and specific to your aesthetic wishes.

Retail/commercial spaces, churches, schools, small additions, Donovan + Donovan does it all and more. We don’t just say no project is too big or too small; we mean it.

Donovan + Donovan wants to work with you for your next project. Offering architectural, engineering, and interior design services, we provide comprehensive capabilities you can trust. Call 812-882-0415 today!
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